Thermwood CNC Mobile App

The Thermwood CNC Mobile App allows users to monitor their Thermwood CNC router(s) and the programs that run on them from anywhere. This app permits the user to obtain the following information on a tablet or smartphone (updated every 30 seconds):
  • A listing of every machine you own (includes an optional user customizable nickname)
  • The current state (ready, running or in e-stop)
  • The current Feed Override setting
  • The current program loaded and or running
  • A listing of all current and past part programs loaded/ran in chronological order with extensions
  • A listing of machine events during each part program in chronological order
  • A listing of the cycle time of every part program ran in chronological order
  • All machine events in chronological order with filtering
  • Monitor scheduled maintenance with a cycle time countdown as well as a graphical countdown progress bar
  • A time stamp listing of all previous maintenance performed
  • The ability to request a service phone call from a Thermwood Support Technician right from your device.
  • The ability to download the data from any of your Thermwood CNC Routers in either Excel (XLS) or XML format.
Available on the App Store


Note: A demo version of the app is available to observe the features.
Domestic Eligibility: While this app is free to install, only machines enrolled in Thermwood’s Advanced Support program or subscribed to Virtual Service will deliver the monitoring service. The machine also requires QCore control software version 8.5.5 or newer. All new machines will include the ability to use this app during the warranty period of the machine free of charge.
International Eligibility: All new international machine customers will be able to use the Thermwood CNC Mobile App free of charge during the machine warranty. Any non-US customers wishing to continue using this mobile app after the warranty will be allowed to do so for a $50 a month fee automatically billed each month to a credit card. The customer will be notified when the warranty of the machine is about to expire and asked at that time if he/she would like to continue this service.

Download Your Thermwood CNC Mobile App Machine Data

Now you can download the data from any of your Thermwood CNC Routers in either Excel (XLS) or XML format. You can also choose the date range you wish to download.
Note: You must be a current Advanced Support or Virtual Service Customer to access your data.
Please click the link below to download your latest CNC data.

Download Your Thermwood CNC Mobile App Machine Data

Note: Please Click Here to download your Thermwood CNC Router Data

Automatic Text and Email Alerts to your Phone, Tablet or PC

The new Automatic Alert addition allows the user to instruct the machine to automatically email or text them when certain events occur.
To accomplish this, the user simply enters their email address or phone number, chooses the machine(s) to monitor and select the events they want to automatically receive alerts about. The alerts are easily customizable and adjustable, making it simple to set up and receive more or less information automatically.

Download Your Thermwood CNC Mobile App Machine Data

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